Who Are We?

Anis Ramli is a wordsmith and digital nomad who has experienced many memorable stays in over 20 years as a professional travel writer and editor. Halaluxe is an experiential halal luxury travel site born out of her insights from working with luxurious resorts and hotels that go above and beyond to customise their services for the discerning Muslim guest.

Specifically, Halaluxe curates exceptional stays that can cater to the Muslim guest’s faith-based requirements. Salah can be done anywhere; and while features such as women-friendly spas and pools are a plus, these too are readily available at high-end resorts and villas. Halal food, however, is the primary consideration and the only challenge facing Muslims who seek experiential travel and authenticity when they travel abroad.

Luxury properties that grasp this and make the effort to understand halal have already won half the battle when it comes to capturing the growing market of affluent Muslim travellers. The Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2022, which monitors the overall performance of the Muslim travel market, projected 230 million global Muslim arrivals by 2028, with a total spending of US$225 billion.

Halaluxe offers a two-pronged service for the luxury segment keen on drawing affluent Muslim travellers and families. One, branding and marketing of your luxury property to meet the specific halal needs of this segment. We are happy to work with you to develop articles and pictorials that are specifically positioned to appeal to the needs of Muslim travellers and families: an interesting narrative, bespoke menus, privacy and indulgent customer service. Two, as an added value service, we can advise you on how to cater to the Muslim guest needs. From understanding halal food and avoiding cross contamination to creating a halal experience for staying guests that speak to their genuine comfort and trust.

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Meet Anis

As Founder and Editor of Halaluxe, Anis travels the world and works with luxury properties eager to serve the underserved affluent segment of the Muslim travel market. She understands that halal is not a one-size-fits-all product, and many of the affluent Muslim travellers wish to have experiential journeys that also resonate with their faith-based needs.

Her journalism background and consulting work with Japan Halal Foundation have made her adept at advocating halal in collaboration with high-end hospitality brands to tap the niche Muslim luxury travel market.

In January 2022, she successfully launched the first Halaluxe spiritual retreat at Tanjong Jara Resort in Terengganu, Malaysia for an intimate group of 20 people.

Anis was Editor of Muhibah, the award-winning in-flight magazine of Royal Brunei Airlines, which she helmed for 10 years before leaving in 2019. During that time, she was instrumental in developing content and fusing a halal-oriented focus for the airline’s guests.

Anis continues to apply her expertise and experience in journalism, halal and luxury travel for her clients including Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC) and Japan Halal Foundation. She also writes regularly for Travel Weekly Asia, an online resource for the travel industry.

Anis is also sought as a speaker for her insights on luxury Muslim travel. She has spoken at conferences such as Islamic Tourism Centre’s “Women In Islamic Tourism Economy” and Halal Trade Zone’s 4th International Conference.

In her spare time, Anis draws upon her degree in Psychology and volunteers with Al Khaadem, a Malaysian NGO, and heads the New Muslims Community (NMC) programme. She leads dialogues and engagement with the public on the universal values of Islam which also mirrors the work she does at Halaluxe.

Camera shy at Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali with Manager, Fauzi Abriansyah (left), and Asst Guest Liaison Manager, Gede Lasyawan.