3 Steps To Communicate Your Halal Needs To Your Hotel

Credit: Bawah Reserve

Food is integral to the traveller experience.

There’s no better or more delightful way to discover the local culture and its people by eating your way into the experience!

As with anyone travelling with a dietary restriction, early planning ensures your vacation plans remain stress-free. And, with today’s hospitality skills include being mindful of guests’ dietary needs, it’s even easier to communicate your request on halal food to your hosts if you give it a little bit of thought.

Don’t delay that communiqué

To manage expectations on both sides – yours and the host’s – early communications is key. Enquire during the booking process if the hotel can cater to your halal requirements.

Are there any Muslim kitchen staff on-board?

Having a fellow Muslim in the kitchen certainly helps! Because he/she would be able to advise you on matters concerning storage of halal meats/ingredients, separate kitchen work areas and any risks of cross-contamination.

Speak to the man on top aka The Head Ched

Many hotels and resorts are happy to arrange halal-certified meats for the duration of your stay. To ensure there is no risk of cross-contamination, enquire if:

a) the halal meats are stored separately from the rest of the kitchen items

b) seafood can be stored separately from the rest of the kitchen items

c) it is possible, throughout the duration of your stay, to have the halal meats/seafood stored independently from the rest of the kitchen items

d) the kitchen can prepare your meals with separate utensils (knives, cutting board, pans, grills, pots).

You’d be surprised at just how accommodating the industry can be. That only leaves you to enjoy the scenery and all else in between.

Main picture credit: Bawah Reserve

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