6 Ways Taiwan Woos The Muslim Visitor

Here’s how Taiwan’s government and various stakeholders work to charm itself into the hearts of the traveller that seeks to balance fun and faith.

1. Fun and faith: It’s easy to play and pray at major theme parks in Taiwan. Leofoo Village in Hsinchu County and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village near Sun Moon Lake – where rollercoasters, rapid rides and cultural entertainment make an ideal family outing – have halal-certified eateries and even a musolla on site!

2. Medical tourism made easier: Hospitals hopped on the halal bandwagon, thanks to efforts made by Taiwan’s Department of Health (DOH) in encouraging halal certification among the city’s medical institutions. To date, Taiwan Adventist Hospital Taipei and Beitou Health Management Hospital are leading the way in setting up independent kitchens and prayer rooms equipped with prayer mats and times.  

3. Beyond Taipei: The country really wants you to explore more of its country! Among the over 324 halal-certified hotels and restaurants include those outside Taipei such as in cities like Taichung and Kaohsiung. Case in point: Fullon Hotel and Resorts Lihpao Land, an integrated resort with a water amusement park, a multi-level outlet mall, a world class racing and go-kart circuit. Rooms are equipped with prayer mats and Qiblah direction. At its halal-certified Japanese restaurant, J San Izakaya, there is also a prayer room facility.

4. Authentic halal eats: How proud are the Taiwanese of their food? So proud in fact that you will find it easy to work your way around authentic Taiwanese cuisine that are certified halal, including the famed Taiwanese institution – Ice Monster!

5. Students team up: Even students get excited over halal. The brilliant minds at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology designed the Halal TW app to help Muslim tourists as well as residents explore Taiwan with peace of mind. It helps users locate not just halal restaurants and nearby mosques and musolla, but shares for instance, halal food sections that can be found in local grocers.

6. Strategic partnership: Taiwan Tourism Bureau continuously works with Taiwan’s Chinese Muslim Association (CMA) to oversee the halal certification of restaurants, hotels and central kitchens. The bureau also provides subsidies for the acquisition of halal certification by restaurants and hotels to encourage them to improve or renovate their facilities to fulfill Muslim guests’ needs.

Read more here: http://muhibah.com.bn/taiwan-turns-on-the-halal-charm/

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