Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Bali Adapts To Pamper Cancer Patients

February 4 is World Cancer Day.

Did you know that many spas do not offer massage to cancer survivors, guests in active treatment or with a history of cancer as there is a misconception that massage can spread the disease?

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Bali is correcting that misguided beliefs with the launch of its groundbreaking Cancer Care Massage.

Therapists trained following the Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care, recognised as the national standard in the UK and Ireland for spas, salons and therapists. The massage is now available at its two spas: Healing Village Spa at Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay, and Sacred River Spa at Four Seasons Sayan in the foothills of Ubud.

It is a completely personalised experience and recommended at any stage during the cancer journey – pre-treatment, during treatment or rehabilitation – to soothe the nervous system, and increase the sense of calm and emotional support. Before the first session, the therapist conducts an in-depth consultation to find out the guest’s type of cancer, treatment and side effects. They then adjust the massage including body position, bed set-up, pressure and technique.

The Cancer Care Massage is the first step towards comprehensive self-care programmes being launched at Four Seasons Resorts Bali in 2021, led by resident wellness experts. The retreats will cater for people at various stages of the cancer journey, incorporating sleep therapy, chromatherapy, sound healing, touch therapy, energy rebalancing, and good nutrition.

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