Workout Or Sit Out? Staying Fit On Holiday


The one question we get asked a lot is: how do I stay fit while on holiday?

It’s hard. We know. Because we too tried, and failed.

So let’s keep it real.


No one wants to avoid the buffet when on a vacation. Or be a morning person.

You’re on a break from your routine, and you’re out to explore a new environment, culture, the peoples and surroundings.


Be kind to yourself.


Hotels and resorts know this only too well. That is why they have cleverly snuck in “experiential activities” to help you break a sweat. So instead of stressing over falling behind your workout schedule, make the destination your physical gym. From morning hikes to cycling, pilates to muay thai, signing up for a class is the smarter way to stay active during the break and beyond.


Sharing with you some of our favourite experiences:

Credit: The Siam

Muay Thai at The Siam

This has got to be one of our best leisure pursuits! The Siam makes it so easy to try your hand (and other limbs) at Thailand’s ancient sport. Classes are designed for all levels. Even if you’re not here to master the art of eight limbs, just learning its history is something to treasure back home.





Kayaking at The Palace Hotel Tokyo

As Tokyo prepares to welcome some of the world’s greatest athletes this summer, hotel guests too can get into the Olympic spirit with this à la carte menu of fitness pursuits. Go on a private two-hour kayaking outing down the Tokyo canals and see the city from a different view. In the Spring, paddle along the Sumida River to catch a glimpse of the stunning cherry blossoms canal.


Credit: Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat




Swim with a legend at Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat

Learn to swim using a salad bowl? As odd as that may sound, you’ll get a total body workout and master the confidence to graduate from pool to swimming in the sea with legendary swim coach, Pierre Gruneberg. You also get bragging rights after: Gruneberg past students include Paul McCartney, Ralph Lauren and David Frost, among others.


Credit: Zentis Osaka


Running the neighbourhood at Zentis Osaka

The concierge at Zentis Osaka will tell you that what they lack in facilities is well compensated by the gems in the neighbourhood. Located in the Kita district, guests can follow a trail that takes them along the Dojima River and Nakanoshima for a sense of the city’s culture. Admire the contrast between old and new, discover the city’s green spaces and the best spot at the confluence of Dojima and Tosabori Rivers to greet the morning sun.


Credit: Azerai Can Tho


Pilates at Azerai Can Tho

Surrounded by centuries-old banyan trees, guests who participate in the resort’s pilates class begin with a 45-minute posture analysis in the spanking new studio that features the latest in allegro reformer equipment. Tailored to suit a variety of levels and requirements, you’ll be guided to perform the 12 basic pilates exercises to develop core strength and lengthen the spine for better posture. For the fitness-focused, the reformer class will challenge your whole body with a focus on spinal flexion, extension and rotation.

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