Reset Retreat 2022, Terengganu, Malaysia


Against all odds – floods in the west coast, monsoon in the east coast, and Covid all around – the first ever Halaluxe retreat went without a hitch and was a success!

The bucolic Tanjong Jara Resort in Terengganu was the perfect destination for resetting, renewing, and of course, bonding. Through four perfect-weather days (this was monsoon season, mind you!), we had beach workouts as scheduled, journal writing in the outdoors, and jemaah prayer under the stars by the beach.

Here are just a few of the reasons why our community loved their experience:

“The arrangements were done thoughtfully, giving just the right balance between sessions and private leisure time. Content for each module was not too heavy, but just enough spark to ignite your senses, to reflect and of course, to RESET, with an all-encompassing module that addressed the health, mind, soul and spiritual set. We enjoyed the wonderfully curated gifts like quirky bonbons infused with local flavours and bath bombs, too! And of course, the acquaintances formed during this retreat were those that will be cherished. Looking forward to the next one!”

“We loved everything about it. It was a nicely paced programme. Absolutely loved the jemaah prayer. And the food. Mashaa Allah. Perhaps the portion can be reduced to a fine dining size. I put on 2 kgs just from eating during the retreat!”
Step away into an experiential halal luxury journey.
Pop us an e-mail to enquire on the next retreat. Or keep checking this space for future dates, insyaAllah!


02 comments on “Reset Retreat 2022, Terengganu, Malaysia

  • V. Ismaili , Direct link to comment


    Do you offer muslim yoga retreats? If so, on which dates and how much does it cost? I am very interested to join.

    Thank you
    V. Ismaili

    • , Direct link to comment

      Wa’alaykum salam warah matullahi wabarakatuh,

      Thank you for your question. At Halaluxe, we are dedicated to promoting and embracing values that align with the Muslim beliefs and lifestyle. “Yoga” is a term specific to other peoples and cultures. In our retreats, we provide participants with opportunities to engage in Islamic practices of reflection and self-care, tailored to their specific needs. In our upcoming retreat in Pangkor Laut Resort, we will be including grounding experiences and other soul-care sessions. Do check the page out!

      Barakallahu feek,

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