7 Reasons To Fly Royal Brunei Airlines

Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) just snagged the Leading Cabin Crew in Asia title at the World Travel Awards 2020! Congratulations, RB!

We can’t be more proud than this airline that has been a favourite with Halaluxe. If that’s not enough to have them on your next must-fly airline, here are seven more:

1. They won an award!

Their cabin crew were named the “Leading Cabin Crew in Asia” at the World Travel Awards 2020. (We’re repeating ourselves, we know – but this is just too good!)

2. Observing the Sunnah

We love that each flight begins with the Traveller’s Supplication as taught by the Prophet (peace be upon him). There’s a deep sense of tranquility when you start your journey connected to your Creator.

3. Shariah-compliant (great all around!)

RB remains one of the few airlines in the world that keeps alcohol off its service. In our books, that’s a BIG plus.

4. The food’s so good – we kid you not!

Suffice to say the meals served are halal and tayyib! Even those in Economy Class are delish (props to Royal Brunei Catering!).

5. Salah-made-easy

It’s easy to perform your salah on-board. The crew are accommodating and most times (depending on passenger capacity), there will be a prayer space made available to you. No questions asked.

6. Boutique service we love

RB is a boutique airline. This simply means intimate service where the crew remains oh, so ever attentive to you! They are truly a hospitable bunch.

7. Unique Bruneian hospitality

Theirs may be one of the smallest network carriers, but the Bruneian hospitality is big on RB. It is the little touches in the service that make you remember your flight. And that was perhaps why the airline’s crew were given such high recognition.

Find out more at: flyroyalbrunei.com

Main picture credit: Royal Brunei Airlines

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