Ramadhan Series To Listen To Right Now: Voice Of Islam

This Ramadhan, all the way from Leicester, UK sees Brother Yusuf Chambers streaming his Voice of Islam webinars with international and local guests. Halaluxe caught up with the respected Brother in Islam to speak about the daily talks, his recently concluded da’wah tour of New Zealand and Ramadhan in lockdown.

Assalamu’alaykum, Brother Yusuf. MasyaAllah, you’ve had some heavyweights as guests on your show: Abdurraheem Green, Sheikh Abdur Raheem McCarthy, Arnoud van Doorn, Lauren Booth. What do you hope to achieve and for viewers to take away from the webinars?

Walaykum Asalaam. The aim behind the webinars is to relink the ummah to the Al-Qur’an, especially in this month of Ramadhan. Additionally, to foster a sense of the ummah from around the globe as being a living growing family that they all need to tap into. Finally, the aim is to reunite us all upon Tawheed and Da’wah by showcasing the amazing efforts of Voice Of Islam and our brothers in New Zealand that have gone through huge challenges after the Christchurch Masajid attacks more than a year ago that claimed the lives of 51 people.

What have been some of your own takeaways from interviewing so many guests?

The messages have been clear and unequivocal: Islam is the solution for mankind’s worries, Al-Qur’an certainly needs to be taken more seriously as an evidential miracle, and the da’wah is an essential part of being a human wherever you are in the world today. Most of my guests have been new Muslims or reverts to the faith from around the globe; they have spoken about their struggles in coming to this faith and defined innovative solutions for passing the message of Islam in their respective communities which are nothing more than a rekindling of The Prophetic Vision of Rasulullah PBUH, the da’wah!

How has Ramadhan been for you under these circumstances?

Ramadhan has been a blessing as usual, but especially this one, we’ve been given time to read and learn the Al-Qur’an, spend time with our families and reunite with this ummah via many online forums, Alhamdulillah. The lockdown was actually much needed. Had we been free to roam around, would we have focused upon the Al-Qur’an and had time to get that quality time with our family? I doubt it!

You are in New Zealand exactly one year after those dreadful events in Christchurch, working tirelessly to raise funds via Voice of Islam to further the da’wah in New Zealand. Tell us how we can help.

We urgently need to raise £25,000 to fund da’wah materials, specialist da’wah stalls, trips across New Zealand to teach the masses about this beautiful religion and to train our fellow Muslims on how to BEST convey this message! All we need are 250 AMAZING individuals chosen by Allah SWT to be the bearers of the flag of Islam and DONATE £100 each! Donations can be made to: https://www.voiceofislam.me/support

Tell us how we can tune in to your show.

Go to https://www.facebook.com/VoiceOfIslamTV/. You can also check my Facebook, Yusuf Chambers. for guest announcements and past interviews. InsyaAllah, the show will run til the end of Ramadhan.

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